Friday, June 27, 2014

And just like that, 4 years have passed...

I'm not sure what happened to me, and I'm not sure if it will happen again.  Like everything else in my life, I go through phases of utter and complete obsession when it comes to my blog. I'll post everyday, or I'll constantly be researching how to make the design better, or what have you, and then, after a period, I just give up (usually because the next obsessive phase has started - like Candy Crush or some other such thing).

But I felt like this wouldn't be an accurate reflection of my crafty life, if I didn't post at least an acknowledgment of the fact that my happy scrappy place is closing:

Goodbye, Two Peas in a Bucket!  I've met scrappy friends, have purchased way too much scrappy goodness, and have watched some of the most entertaining train wreck threads (torn paper bears, and dogs stealing baby Jesus come to mind).  I've learned most of what I know about scrapbooking from their wonderful Garden Girls, and have grown to love scrapping styles I never would've attempted.  I've even developed a healthy affection for the color pink *gasp!* from some of the beautiful examples I've browsed in the gallery.

I will miss having one place that I check every time I log in on my computer.  I will miss being challenged on CHA or NSD to make layouts I wouldn't have otherwise made.  I will miss being able to use that wonderful search to look up the 'peas' opinion on every topic imaginable!  

I'll just plain miss you Two Peas!

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