Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok, so unless my computer is just screwed up, I can't see my last post with the dimensions for the 'Waterfall Card' project that we learned at technique class last week. If you all can see the last post, then please forgive me for posting it again. Otherwise, here are the directions and measurments for the card:

Waterfall Card

Cut neutral colored cardstock in the following measurements: 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" (4). Cut Colored Cardstock in the following measurements: 2" x 2"(4), 9" x 2"(1), ¾" x 4" (1).

Stamp images on the 4 neutral squares of cardstock and mat them with the 2X2 colored cardstock squares.

Score your 9 x 2 strip of colored cardstock. Starting at end of strip, score 2",2¾", 3½", and 4¼" from the end.

Attach the small strip of paper to the card with brads or eyelets. Do not use adhesive in the middle of piece.

Next, attach long scored piece to the horizontal strip you just attached to the card front. To do this, slide the longest section scored piece between the horizontal strip and the card, making sure to center it in the middle of your card. Line up the very edge of the scored end of piece A with bottom of the horizontal strip and attach with adhesive.

Attach your first stamped image to the bottom 2" x 2" space at the scored end of long strip. Apply adhesive to the scored sections of long piece, and attach.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, Keathe! i really loved making those cards last week. now that i have the measurements, i can really go to town and get lots made! thanks again.....Sharon