Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adam's pity card

This is the card I made (very quickly) for my son when he started getting pouty about my daughter's super awesome birthday card (see my last post).

It isn't standard card sized because I made the deer and the words first (valuable lesson learned) and then they wouldn't fit on the card. :)

In a very sad turn of events, my cricut has died. (insert wailing and sobbing here) I have a few projects that I did before it's demise. I guess this means I will have to break out the stamps again. That isn't a bad thing since I love my stamps, but my love affair hadn't yet ended with my new cricut yet.

So wish me luck waiting for my new friend to come back to me well again ;)

Thanks for looking!

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xosparklesxo said...

Cute card! I make unusual sized cards all the time to fit things the way I want to. For my Cricut cuts I usually lay it out in my Gypsy first to avoid suprises. Hope your Cricut is fixed quickly, I would be a sobbing mess! *LOL*