Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not quite the weekend I envisioned.

This weekend we had a lot of things going on. My youngest was going to turn one on Thursday, and I had cupcakes that we would give her to get all those wonderful messy cake eating pictures. Her first birthday party was going to be on Saturday, and we were going to have family and friends over with birthday cake and party hats, and the whole shebang.

Then we all got struck with the stomach flu on Thursday, and everything went sort of down the drain.

So, that is where I have been. And hopefully that is a good enough reason for not posting on the blog for the last few days. It still means that I haven't fulfilled my personal goal of posting each day for thirty days though. So I will start over again (probably once I get my cricut back).

Since my cricut is broken, I tried to make a Father's Day card for my dad without it. The last card I sent him was sort of feminine, so I really wanted to make this 'manly' which to me means distressing the thing to heck :) I used various goodies that I had in my stash and had long since forgotten about, so I'm pretty pleased about that part of the cricut tragedy.

Happy Memorial Day everybody!

Thanks for looking!

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TUKI said...

Love this card, very masculine!!