Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teacher Gifts

We had a really interesting discussion at my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group last week. One of the Moms was telling us about teacher gifts. Imagine my surprise and shock when she said that teachers don't want to receive an apple shaped mug with '#1 teacher' emblazoned on it!

So, apparently I've been doing this teacher gift thing wrong this entire time! The main point was to give something consumable (it took about half an hour to explain what that word meant to my son, so I'm not going to define it here). So, since I have all this paper and all these envelopes lying around, I thought I'd make packets of cards. The teachers must have a need for thank you cards (to thank all the parents who give them #1 teacher mugs) so I decided that would be my gift this year.

Habits are very hard to break, so I did go with the apple theme. But I managed to branch out onto other kinds of fruit. Maybe next year I'll be able to move onto dairy or grains!

My daughter is a little aghast that we didn't buy her teacher something (I have raised material children) but I am hopeful that her teacher will be so happy not to get something I baked (because nobody wants that) that she will be thrilled with her cards. Maybe when she writes me my thank you note, I'll get my card back :)

All cardstock and patterned papers used are from Stampin' Up! and the fruits were made with the cricut machine using their Preserves cartridge.

Thanks for looking!

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Vicki Berloffe said...

Cute! I gave handmade Thank You cards as a teacher's gift before and was told it was her best teacher's gift ever. I'm sure she'll love them!