Friday, May 14, 2010

I've created little monsters...

My friend, Vicky, told me that my kids would benefit from my getting a Cricut machine, but I thought she was just trying to sell me on it. :)

Truth is, as soon as my 8 year old son saw it on HSN with me he immediately thought we needed to buy one. Even offered to use his allowance to get me one for a present. (I know, he is a very sweet boy)

The day the we took it out of the box, was the day my kids wanted stuff made. The day that the Create a Critter cartridge came in the mail, was the day I lost all control.

Every day each kid needs a new 'critter'. I haven't made them all yet, but I'm pretty sure that before my daughter is finished, I will have. She plays with them everyday, and puts on shows (that I'm not allowed to watch, sadly). I hear her in the other room, and I've secretly video taped her singing their 'theme song' (because the critters are super heroes and ALL super heroes have a theme song).

So I guess Vicky was right. My kids are having a lot of fun with it. Someday I will be able to make things with it too... ;)


Vicki Berloffe said...

You know I'm ALWAYS right. If you need confirmation of that, just ask my DH.

Keathe Steigert said...

Yes, I bow to your infinite wisdom! ;)